Do you store my photos? Are my photos safe and secure?

No, we don't store your photos. Your photos are stored on your device, or whichever cloud storage services you already use (Apple or Google Photos)

How do you figure out which photos are good?

That's our secret sauce! Our AI considers a variety of attributes about each photo to determine whether it is the best in a set of similar ones, or should be auto-filtered out as blurry or a screenshot. The more you use the app, the more we learn about your preferences 😊

Will GoodOnes share my photos with third parties?

No, with the exception of Google Photos, if you choose to use that feature. You can read our privacy policy here.

Do you delete any photos?

Our first goal is to help you find the best moments of your life, and you can do that without deleting any photos whatsoever.

We use a three-tier rating system: Best for your best photos, Rest for the "meh" photos that you're not ready to delete but also wouldn't put into an album or share with friends, and Trash for those who you might want to delete (think screenshots, receipts and duplicates).

Once your photos are sorted as Best, Rest and Trash, you have the option to empty out the Trash and save up space. But rest assured: you have multiple confirmation screens before emptying out trash, so that we're confident you are not going to accidentally delete any precious memories!

Can I share my photos through the app? Do the recipients need to have GoodOnes?

Yes, you can share your photos directly from GoodOnes into any app. The recipients do not have to have GoodOnes, but why wouldn’t they want it.

Where have you been all my life?

We've been too busy dealing with our own photo mess 😅

Basic Features

What is Best, Rest, Trash?

GoodOnes helps you sort your photos into three groups. Best are your favorite photos that you want to enjoy again and again. Rest is for those photos that you want to keep, but don’t love. You just aren’t ready to get rid of them yet. Trash is where you send the photos you want to delete from your camera roll. When you send them to Trash they don’t automatically disappear. You need to click on “Empty Trash” and then the photos will be deleted from your camera roll.

Who is Ollie?

Ollie is our mascot at GoodOnes. This cute purple octopus can do so much more than show off his tentacles. He is your AI personal photo assistant and is the brains behind the app and all its features.

What is "To Do"?

The “To Do” section of the app is where Ollie has the photos ready for you to sort. These photos have already been filtered by Ollie. He has taken out screenshots, receipts, documents and blurry photos. In the “To Do” section you start sorting batches by the most recent or you can select a month to start on. You also have some themed albums to sort as well, such as “On this Day” and other albums based on similar criteria.

How do you decide what goes in “Blurred, screenshots & others”?

Our AI considers a variety of attributes about each photo to determine whether the photo should be sent to this area of photos that are auto-filtered from your “To Do” section. It takes these factors into consideration: blurry photos, screenshots, documents, receipts and others. Most of the time you will find those photos that are cluttering your camera roll.

What does “Accept our Choice” do?

When the AI notices similar photos it will show them to you in a bracket. It will also choose one photo as the best. It is called “Our Choice.” If you select “Accept our Choice” then the top choice will go to Best and the remaining photos will go to Rest. Note: If you have selected “Delete Mode” in settings, then the remaining photos will go to Trash.

What does “Done With These” do?

The AI groups similar photos in a bracket. If you make choices for some of the photos in the bracket you will see the “done with these” pop up as a choice. If you click on it the remaining photos in the bracket will go to Rest. Note: If you have selected “Delete Mode” in settings, then the remaining photos will go to Trash.

I sent a bunch of photos to Trash, but they are still on my phone. Why?

As you sort photos you can send photos to Trash. They are not automatically deleted when you send them to the trash. For your protection they are only sent to the Trash, but then you must tap the “Empty Trash” button and then once you do that then the photos will be deleted from the app and your camera roll.

Can I undo my choices?

While you are  using the app you can ALWAYS click on the undo button when you make a choice. You can actually tap on the undo button for any photos within the same batch. So swipe away and rest assured you can always “undo.”

There is also another way to revise your decisions. Go into Best, Rest and Trash and undo your choices there as well. It is so easy. Just click on the photo and use one of the icons below the photo to change its location. You can also view the photos in grid view and select multiple photos at once to reclassify them.

Google Photos

Does GoodOnes work with Google photos?

We can send your Best photos to Google Photos. Just go into settings and select the Google Photos feature.

Where are the photos uploaded into Google Photos?

Your “Best” photos will be uploaded into an album called “GoodOnes” in Google Photos.

Can I sort photos that are in my Google Photos account, but aren't on my phone?

No, at this time you can only sort photos located on your camera roll or iCloud account.

Can I delete photos from Google Photos?

No, you are not able to delete photos from Google account from GoodOnes. You can only send your “best” photos to an album in Google Photos and they will appear in an album called GoodOnes. 

Advanced Features

What is the "On This Day" album?

This album is located in your “to do” section. It will show you all the unsorted photos taken on the same day. This will show all of the photos taken on that date, no matter the year. It is a great way to clean up your camera roll. If you sort this album every day for a year your entire camera roll will be organized. This album is also featured in Best, where it showcases all your favorite picks from “this day” in your entire Best gallery.

Can I save photos to an album?

Yes! You can add photos to current albums you have in Photos or you can create new albums. Those new albums will appear in your Photos app in Apple. You can add photos to album from the To Do, Rest and Best sections of the app. Just click on white circle on the top right corner of the photo. If in grid view you can select multiple photos at once then select the “More” button and then simply add to the album.

Can I edit my photos in the app?

Yes, you can edit photos in the app by clicking on the top right white button on the photo when you are in the carousel view. Once done editing click “next” and it will ask you if you want to save the changes to the photo. This will replace the photo on your camera roll.

What is the widget?

The widget is a great way to easily access the app when you have a couple of minutes to spare to sort photos. It is also a perfect way to showcase your “best” photos on your phone. From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle. Tap the Add button (+) in the upper-left corner. Select a widget, choose a widget size, then tap Add Widget. Tap Done.

How do I schedule a reminder/notification?

It is easy to schedule a reminder with GoodOnes. From the “To Do” screen click on the setting icon ⚙️. Tap on “Allow notification” and pick the time of day you would like to receive the reminder.